Flood Info

There is information available at the Town of Middletown Building and Zoning Department which includes information on how to correct drainage problems, how to retrofit existing structures, siting and building new structures, etc.

The office can also provide information on the flood hazards and flood protection measures and any other questions you may have on flood related matters.

For more information on any of these items, please contact Patrick Davis at 845-586-2344 or by email at middbldgzon@catskill.net.

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answers to questions about NFIP


The National Flood Insurance Program

Stream Gage


Several links regarding Protecting your structure from flooding:

Above the Flood: Elevating your structure:

Homeowner’s Guide to Retrofitting:

Repairing your flooded home:

Elevated Residential Structures:

nfip bulletin summary



Powerpoint Presentations on Flooding and Flood Insurance

Nechamen Coastal NAI SEPT26-27

CNAI Legal Workshop – Medlock SEPT 26-27

CNAI_Sandy_NY_Applications Lulloff SEPT26-27

CNAI_Sandy_NY_Intro Lulloff SEPT26-27

CNAI_Sandy_NY_Tools Lulloff SEPT26-27


The Office of Communities & Waterfronts, New York Department of State is taking actions that will correct past human mistakes and improve decision making:

Link to emergency information:

Link to flood maps for Towns and villages:

Link to Delaware County Soil & Water:

Town of Middletown_LocalLaw2of2012_FloodDamagePrevention

Village of Margaretville_LocalLaw1of2012_FloodDamagePrevention

Village of Fleischmanns_LocalLaw1of2012_FloodDamagePrevention

Flood Contacts:

Hiram Davis, Town of Middletown, Code Enforcement Officer, CFM – 845-586-2344, middbldgzon@catskill.net

Kristin Jenke Schneider, Delaware County Planning Dept, CFM – 607-746-2944, Kristin.jenke@co.delaware.ny.us

Jessica Rall, Delaware County Soil & Water Const. District, CFM, 607-865-7161, jessica-rall@dcswcd.org

Tom Blanchard, NYS-DEC, CFM, 518-357-2379, teblanch@gw.dec.state.ny.us

Kelly Higgins-Roche, NYS-DEC, CFM, 518-408-0340, kahiggin@gw.dec.state.ny.us

William Nechamen, NYS-DEC, CFM, 518-402-8146, wsnechamen@gw.dec.state.ny.us

Phil Eskeli, NYC-DEP, 845-340-7853, peskeli@dep.nyc.gov

Andy Dangler, Army Core of Engineers, 518-270-0588 or 0589

Other Helpful Flood information: